May 07, 2010

16 (–1) Variations on little stones by Elvire Bastendorff

Everyday, during 15 consecutive days, make a very simple and light drawing

Elvire Bastendorff
Elvire Bastendorff Elvire Bastendorff


. 16 (-1) little stones

. 1 cup of cold green tea

. 1 pencil (thin)

. 1 brush (thin)

. 15 sheets of water-colour paper

. 15 quiet (and if possible, sunny) days


. find 16 little stones wherever you want

. make some green tea (infuse 9 minutes)

. pick 15 little stones among 16 (or decide the one to ignore)

. throw the 15 choosen little stones on a sheet of water-colour paper

. trace the border of each little stone with a thin pencil

. fill a cup of green tea 
. remove each little stone from the paper

. fill in delicately all the empty forms in cold green tea using a thin brush

. leave the drawing to dry

. repeat this process until the 15th day

* This recipe and its realization are happy winks to John Cage's Where R = Ryoanji.

© 2010 Elvire Bastendorff

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